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The way to Measure Resistance

Electrical resistance performs a particularly important function in the circuitry of digital devices. Such gadgets may malfunction if the resistance in their circuitry diverges from the proper level. However, electricity will not be visible. A specialised measuring instrument is necessary in order to investigate whether or not a circuit has the proper resistance.

An instrument equivalent to a tester is necessary in order to measure resistance, but how is such measurement carried out? This page provides an in depth introduction to how a tester or multimeter can be utilized to measure resistance.

How is resistance measured?

Resistance is measured utilizing an instrument reminiscent of an analog multimeter or digital multimeter. Each types of instrument can measure not only resistance, but additionally present, voltage, and other parameters, to allow them to be utilized in a wide range of situations.

Nevertheless, resistance measurement does not involve measuring the circuit’s resistance value itself. Instead, resistance is calculated by measuring the present and voltage utilized to the circuit. When a current is utilized to the circuit under measurement, the circuit (resistance) exhibits a voltage (or more exactly, a voltage drop). Resistance might be calculated by measuring the present and voltage utilizing Ohm’s Law.

Because of this, a circuit’s resistance worth might be determined if the current and voltage measured values are known. Analog multimeters and digital multimeters employ the measurement precept of Ohm’s Law to measure resistance.

Resistance measurement with an analog tester

When measuring resistance with an analog multimeter, switch off power to the circuit under measurement. Plug the red test lead into the positive enter terminal with the “+” mark and the black test lead into the COM input terminal. Switch the instrument to Ω mode and set the range button as appropriate based mostly on the circuit’s anticipated resistance.

Short the black and red test pins and set the needle to 0 Ω utilizing the zero Ω adjustment knob. Then place the red and black test pins involved with both ends of the circuit under measurement and read the worth indicated by the meter.

Keep in mind that making use of a voltage to the test leads while the instrument is set to resistance mode may damage the tester. Additionally, if you’re unable to perform zero Ω correction, the analog multimeter’s battery could also be low. For those who encounter this challenge, check the battery’s voltage.

Resistance measurement with a digital multimeter

Normally, resistance is measured with a digital multimeter in the same manner as with an analog multimeter, and it’s a quite simple process. The only difference is that the worth is indicated digitally instead of by an analog needle; in any other case, the basic methodology is usually the same. Nevertheless, digital multimeters assist measurement strategies:

Two-terminal measurement

4-terminal measurement

In most cases, when measuring resistance with a digital multimeter, you’ll use the 2-terminal measurement method. This technique applies a relentless current and measures the resistance worth utilizing the instrument’s voltmeter. This technique is the same as that utilized by analog multimeters. However, two-terminal measurement has the disadvantage of yielding resistance values that embrace the wiring between the instrument and the circuit under measurement.

To minimize the effects of that additional resistance, the test leads are shorted previous to measurement to zero-adjust the resistance value. Nevertheless, this approach can not utterly remove the effects. 4-terminal measurement was created to address this shortcoming. 4-terminal measurement uses four test leads and separate voltmeter and ammeter circuits.

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